Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the vehicles you sell have a salvage title?

No. We do have an increasing selection of vehicles with clean titles. If there is something you are looking for and we do not have it, please let us know and we will work on finding it.

Is there a warranty on completed vehicles?

Yes, all vehicles come with a warranty. The terms of the warranty will depend on the age and miles.

Do you do financing?

No, at this time we don’t but can connect you with several credit unions that can work with you to finance your vehicle. They typically require 20% down on a “prior salvage title vehicle”. We are looking to add this service in the future.

What is a prior salvage vehicle?

A vehicle with a salvage title or prior salvage stamp on the title means it has sustained enough damage that the insurance company has decided not to repair it and pays the insured the value of the vehicle. This differs from state to state but ranges from 50%-80%. This loss could be from collision, hail, fire, theft, or flood. In some cases the damage is easily repaired but the cost of the parts/labor to do so is more than their threshold. These vehicles are sold by the insurance companies through auto auctions, bought back by the owners, or repair shops, etc. Vehicles that are repaired with a salvage title must be inspected by a state inspector before they can be registered.

It’s important to know that vehicles beyond repair are either sold for parts only or recycled for the metal and cannot be retitled or put back on the road.

Why buy a prior salvage vehicle?

Companies that fix repairable vehicles are usually able to buy them from the auctions at a lower cost. Once the appropriate repairs are done the vehicle can be sold at an amount lower than a comparable “clean” title used vehicle. For you the buyer that means you can spend less on what you want or step up into something a little nicer.

Is a prior salvage vehicle safe to drive?

Yes, our vehicles are repaired to like new condition using OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and industry approved repair methods. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected and driven before they are put up for sale. We would encourage anyone buying a used vehicle to have your trusted mechanic look it over before you buy.

Is insurance more on a vehicle with a Prior salvage title?

No, the premium should be the same regardless of the title.

If something happens and my vehicle is totaled will the insurance company pay the full value?

Your insurance premium is not reduced because of the title therefore the payout shouldn’t be less. Each insurance company will have a different way of dealing with it but typically if you provide them with 3 comparable vehicles they will take the average.

Vehicles bought in repairable condition –

Is there a warranty on vehicles bought as a repairable?

This will depend on the stage you purchase the vehicle and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Vehicles will run and in most cases drive.

Can you help me finish a vehicle I purchase?

Vehicles that we buy and sell as a repairable can be completed to any stage you need. This could include framework, sectioning, uni-body repair, parts located, etc.